Roux in Montgomery

Roux has modern Cajun cuisine I would say. It seems like they are inspired by old classics but like to change a few things here and there. David Dickensauge is the head chef there. I know his last name doesn’t sound that appealing but when he gets it right boy does he. He has worked at some of the best restaurants in the USA…Commander’s palace, Brennan’s, and Charlie Trotter’s to name a few! I will first say that this is just the type of restaurant I love. They take to heart farm to fork basics and always try for something seasonal. I have been a handful of times and I have had mixed reviews. Sometimes the service wasn’t up to par and then sometimes the food suffered. For this post I am going to upload the pics from all my visits so far so that you can form your own opinion. I have been to their brunch as well but I forgot to take pics. They do have a do it yourself bloody mary bar and its is wicked AUsome! For the pics I’ll just tell you what it was and if it was good or great. First is a braised lamb leg with wild mushroom risotto and au jus from the lamb = one of my favorite things from here….ever, Next is a pan seared flounder with a lemon buerre blanc sauce….pretty good. My buddy brad got the chicken and waffles…can’t go wrong with chicken and waffles…needed candied bacon or something though. Crab cake with romuelode on top of a hoppin john salad…needed more spice…kinda bland. Next is seared foie gras with toast soldiers…served with a paint stripe of dark chocolate and a raspberry compote with muscidines. It was a great idea but they used a lower grade foie gras and once you have had the real thing its hard to go back because you know what you are missing. They def give you a lot of the liver though…still not good enough to me. Bacon wrapped dates called devil on horseback came next. These are freaking AUsome! They come with a spicy tomato sauce…warm gooey dates with crispy bacon  = WINNING! Tuna tar tar rounded out the evening…I don’t remember much from this so it must have been run of the mill. There were a couple more but I can’t decipher what they are so go for yourself and try it. They have a lobster roll there sometimes that is ridiculously great! Ate it so fast there was no time for pics! 😉 I am going to make a effort to post right after so I can give more details about the experience. Stay tuned I’m still learning but I promise to get better.


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