Chicken Palliard Salad

So this is a chicken Palliard Holly and I made. Basically its a salad with thinly pounded chicken breast. Super easy to make. Just slice your chicken almost all the way in half. Then pound it lightly with something heavy…preferably a meat pounder….season it with your fav spice rub and saute in EVOO or whatever oil you like until juices run clear. Then set on top of some spinach which will wilt the spinach slighty. throw in some raspberries and blue cheese and drizzle some good quality basalmic vinegar on it. Chicken Palliard with raspberries and blue cheese….DONE! ;P

I am super wishy washy today…I was going to put the resipe down but if you really want it email me or respond to the post. You should be able to quantify from the pics and if there is a question of quantity I will try and throw that in the description.


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