Boys Night

So me and my buddy Eddie cooked a lil something. We just stopped by this place called food outlet n picked up a bunch of meat. Just like a manly man should. All meat no veggies. I fried some wingettes n drown them in 3 different sauces(asian zing, hot n teriyaki mixed with the other two). We broiled the conecuh cajun sausage with a blastique (bacon fat, sweet spicy mustard, red wine vinegar, n veggies with a pat of butter to gloss it up) and it got a nice coat on the skin. Pan roasted some T-bones with a jerk seasoning n threw some of that sauce on there. Made a garlic parmesean n pepper bread for some carbs. Good times in the kitchen. It was nice throwing down with a buddy. That is what cooking should be like! Get somebody in there. Check the pantry n throw something together. Not the most thought out dinner but tasty none the less! Goin to Atlanta next week so I should have a couple restaurant posts as well as a whole foods n trader joe run for some good ingredients to cook with. I am gonna post some pics but the stupid WordPress app for my blackberry wont let me upload right now.


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